UCert: User Certification Vendor Inquiry

UCert is a proactive compliance tool that may be used by a vendor to compare their Nonprofessional Subscriber database with the FINRA Central Registration Depository (“CRD®”) database as a means of identifying whether individuals included on the Vendor’s database are registered with FINRA.


The CRD Data included in the UCert response may solely be used to determine whether an individual should be charged Professional or Nonprofessional rates for the receipt and use of CTA/CQ Plan market data.


Use of UCert will not by itself satisfy a Vendor’s duty to determine whether an individual qualifies as a Nonprofessional Subscriber. In addition to UCert, a Vendor must use other checks and make other inquiries in order to satisfy its obligation. Other steps a Vendor should follow include checking the links inserted in the announcement as well as investigating other facts and circumstances that may be pertinent to the individual user in question.

FINRA and CRD are registered trademarks of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, Inc.

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